Underground City

Downtown Montreal has a special network of underground tunnels and shopping centres that are connected to the Metro. This system, the largest in the world, was started in 1962 and was developed over the years because of our long, cold winters and hot, humid summers. There are over 32 kilometres of tunnels and passages, connecting metro and train stations, hotels, and over 2000 stores, 200 restaurants and 40 movie theatres. Over 60% of downtown Montreal office space and 35% of the stores are connected to the network. Every day over 500,000 people use the network to shop, work and live in the city.

The main section connects Metro McGill and Metro Peel on the green line to Place Ville-Marie the Central Train Station under the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and Metro Bonaventure on the orange line. Many other downtown metro stations, such as Metro Berri-UQAM, Metro Place-des Arts, Metro Guy-Concordia, Metro Place d’Armes, Metro Lucien L’Allier and Metro Atwater are also connected to shopping centres, theatres, stadiums, universities, museums, office towers and other important buildings.

During the Montreal Highlights Festival in February, there is a 5 km running race that is held in the Underground City to encourage exercise and health in the coldest season.

You can get a free map of the Underground City at any metro station, or you can download one of these three different maps:

Map of RESO, the Underground City (pdf)

Map of the Underground City from the STM (pdf)

Map of the Underground City from the University of Montreal (pdf)

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