Zoo in Granby

There is a zoo in the Montreal area, but it is in the small town of Granby, about a one-hour drive southeast from Montreal by car. Most people call it the Granby Zoo. It is big zoo with more than 1000 animals, including tigers, lions and elephants. There is also a waterslide park at the Granby Zoo.

It is open every day in the summer, but in the fall, winter and spring, it is sometimes only open on weekends. Check their schedule here. In the summer, the price for adults is $26.49, but the price is lower in other seasons.

To go, take the Champlain Bridge, then take Highway 10 and take exit 68 and follow the signs for the Granby Zoo.

525 St-Hubert St., Granby, QC  Tel. 1-877-472-6299 (toll-free call)

Granby Zoo Website

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