Saving Energy

One of the best ways to help fight global warming and climate change is to reduce how much energy you use. Energy is directly connected to greenhouse gases (CO2) because so much is made by using oil and coal. Here in Quebec, most of our electricity is made from hydro-electricity (from dams on rivers), but all the energy in North America is connected to a big network. If we reduce our electricity consumption, it means Quebec can sell its extra power to Ontario or New York, where most of the electricity comes from burning coal. The more “clean” energy, like hydro or wind power, the less “dirty” power like oil or coal, and the less carbon dioxide that is released.

How can you save energy? You can do many little things at home and at school that can make a big difference. For electricity, turn off lights and other things like your TV or computer when you are not using them. You can get compact fluorescent light bulbs to replace old incandescent bulbs. Try to use less hot water by taking shorter showers, and wash your clothes with cold water.

In summer, use the air conditioner (AC) less, and in winter, put on a sweater and turn down the heat a little. You can buy plastic film to put over your windows in the winter, and you can get weather stripping to block holes around your doors where cold air gets in. You will be more comfortable and you will use less energy.

If you pay for your electricity or other energy costs, you can save a lot of money by reducing your consumption. But, even if you don’t have to pay, you can help reduce our energy use and so help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. It is important to rethink about energy. There are many ways to use less, if we change our habits.

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