Buying Second Hand

Montreal has many second-hand stores where you can buy used furniture, appliances, household goods, books, CDs, clothes and other things. Many (but not all) second hand stores are operated by charities. This means they are not for profit, they are raising money to help poor people and they sell second-had goods at low prices for people who don’t have much money.

In Canada, when people want to get rid of something that is old but still good, they often donate (give) it to a charity second-hand store. Students and others who have low incomes often use second hand stores for furniture, household items (dishes, pots, etc.) and clothes. They can get good quality used things for low prices.

Shopping in second-hand stores is interesting. Not everything is good, but everything is clean and usually you can find something you need at a great price. Another benefit: no sales tax!

Some stores that specialize in second-hand books or CDs or vintage clothes or antique (old and expensive) furniture are not charities, they are businesses like any other, but the prices are sometimes very good.

» Charity Second-Hand Stores

Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores

The Salvation Army  [Armée de Salut] is a Christian group that helps the homeless and the poor. People sometimes call it “the Sally Ann”. They have second-hand stores (Thrift Stores) across Canada.

This is a large second-hand store not far from our school (a few blocks down Guy Street at the corner of Notre-Dame). They have a lot of clothes, furniture and appliances.

1620 Notre Dame St. West (corner of Guy Street)

There are smaller Salvation Army Thrift stores around the Montreal area:

  • NDG: 5758-62 Sherbrooke W.
  • CDN: 6180 Côte-des-Neiges
  • Brossard: 1875 Panama Blvd.
  • Longueuil: 1562 Chambly Rd.

Value Village

Value Village (Village des Valeurs) is another charity second-hand store that is connected to 120 charities. They sell clothes, furniture and other items.

Some Montreal locations:

  • 4906 Jean Talon Street West
  • 2033 Pie IX
  • 6779 Jean Talon East  (in Saint Leonard)
  • 1401 Chemin Chambly (in Longueuil)

Fripe-Prix Renaissance

Fripe-Prix Renaissance is a non-profit organization that recycles and resells second-hand goods, providing jobs for many people who have difficulty getting jobs. There is a 30% student discount on Thursdays. There are many stores in Montreal, including these:

  • 6700 Cote-des-Neiges Rd.
  • 2030 Pie IX Blvd.
  • 6960 Saint-Hubert St.
  • 7205 Saint-Jacques St. West
  • 7250 St-Laurent Blvd.

» Second-Hand Bookstores

New books are expensive, so there are many popular small second-hand bookstores in Montreal. Here are some that are near Concordia University:

  • Ex-Libris – 2159 Mackay
  • Footnotes – 1454 Mackay
  • Wescott Books – 2065 Ste. Catherine West
  • Librairie Regent – 1855 Ste. Catherine West

» Second-Hand CDs

There are many small second-hand music stores all over the city. Here are a few:

  • Cheap Thrills – 2044 Metcalfe St. – Has new and used CDs, vinyl records and books. Metro Peel
  • L’Échange – 713 Mont-Royal Avenue, Metro Mont-Royal
  • Marché du Disque – 793 Mont-Royal Avenue East,  Metro Mont-Royal

» Garage Sales

On weekends in the spring, summer, and fall in residential areas of the city, there are garage sales [vente du garage]. This is when people sell their old second-hand things in front of their houses. Some people hold garage sales every few years, and sometimes a group of neighbours plans a large sale all together on the same day. Sometimes people have a “Moving Sale” when they are leaving the city and want to sell their furniture.

Garage sales can be a great place to find second-hand goods – clothes, furniture, tools, sports equipment, just about anything – at excellent prices. They are advertised in the newspaper in the classified ads section, and usually the people put up signs on street corners to let people know. You can also check garage sale announcements on Montreal Craig’s List.

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