Public Markets

» Jean-Talon Market

Jean-Talon Market is a very large open farmer’s market in central Montreal. It is near Metro Jean-Talon on the orange line, just south of Jean-Talon Street, between Casgrain and Henri-Julien, in the Little Italy neighbourhood of Montreal. It is so big, it covers a whole city block.

In the summer, Jean-Talon market is wonderful. It is full of market stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Much of the produce is from Quebec farms, and the prices are very low. The sellers are sometimes the farmers who grew the food, and you can sometimes get free samples. In late summer and early fall, it is very colourful, and there are unusual vegetables and fruits that you never see in the supermarkets. If you like fresh fruit and vegetables, go to Jean-Talon Market. In the buildings around the market, there are shops selling special fresh meats, cheeses, fish, and other special foods from around the world. It is a very interesting place to visit. If you want to visit a smaller farmer’s market that is closer to Concordia University, try Atwater Market.

» Atwater Market

Closer to Concordia University, Atwater Market is similar to Jean-Talon Market, but smaller. In the summer, there are many fresh fruit, vegetable and flower stalls, full of produce that is mainly from Quebec farms. The prices are good, though the prices are better at Jean-Talon Market. Inside the building with the clock tower, there are many fresh meat, cheese, fish and other special food shops. If you are looking for something special, you may find it at Atwater Market. In the late summer and early fall, it is very colourful and interesting to visit. The shops in the building is open all year, but the outdoor vegetable stands are closed in the cold months.

Atwater Market is on Atwater Street, a short walk south of Metro Lionel-Groulx. There are other stores around there, too, and the market is right beside the Lachine Canal and its bike path, so if you have a bicycle, it is easy to get to.

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