Movies are a great way to improve your English, especially if it the kind of movie you like. It is better if you go with a friend so you can talk about it in English after.  If you want to know what is playing, look in the Gazette entertainment section. The Friday Gazette has a full list of all the movies. You can also check free entertainment newspapers like Mirror or Hour. There is also a very good website with all the films: Cinema Montreal

Theatres [cinéma]

Montreal has lots of movie theatres, but two big cinemas that are close to Concordia and show English movies are:

The Cinema Banque Scotia (Paramount)    977 Saint Catherine St. West, corner of Metcalfe, Metro Peel. This theatre is cheaper on Tuesdays and it has an IMAX theatre.

AMC Forum 22    2313 Saint Catherine St. West, corner of Atwater, Metro Atwater. It is usually cheaper on Tuesdays and before 6:00 pm.

» Repertory Theatres and Second Run

A Repertory Theatre is one that shows international films, or films that are older (and cheaper).

Cinéma du Parc  3575 Avenue du Parc (Park Avenue), Metro Place-des-Arts, Bus 80. This theatre shows international, classic and second run films. You can pick up a schedule in many places around in Montreal, or check the Cinema du Parc website.

Dollar Cinema  6900 Decarie (corner of Vezina at Decarie Square), Metro Namur, bus 160. Admission is only $2.50 and popcorn, candy and drinks are only $1. This inexpensive theatre shows older movies, and it isn’t as nice as the downtown theatres, but it is very cheap. Check the Dollar Cinema website.

National Film Board Cinérobotheque  1564 St. Denis (corner of de Maisonneuve), Metro Berri-UQAM

The NFB/ONF belongs to the government of Canada. They have made many films for over 50 years, including many famous animation films. At the Cinérobotheque, it’s free to watch any of 10,000 films with your own private screen for 2 hours. You use a touch screen to control a robot that loads discs for you. It is very interesting and fun.

» Film Festivals

Montreal has many film festivals every year:

The Montreal World Film Festival – a large competitive film festival in August

Fantasia Film Festival – an interesting festival every summer at Concordia University that focuses on Asian fantasy, science fiction and animation films

Festival du nouveau cinéma – this is a festival about new and experimental films in the fall.

Image + Nation – an LGBT (gay) film festival every fall – many films are shown at Concordia University

Also in the fall, there is the Cinemania Festival, which is films in French with English subtitles.

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