Scottish Festival

Thousands of Montrealers have Scottish ancestors. Immigrants from Scotland were very important in our city’s and our country’s history. In fact, the first two Prime Ministers of Canada were both born in Scotland. Scottish people started and built hospitals, schools, universities, railroads and many businesses early in our history. Over 14% of Canada’s population have Scottish ancestors.

Scottish culture includes bagpipe music, special uniforms for soldiers with kilts (skirts), special Highland dancing and food, and unusual sports. In August every year, there is a Scottish Festival and Highland Games to celebrate the culture of Scotland. There are over 60 little stores selling food and souvenirs, traditional Highland dancing and Highland games competitions. There are over 40 bagpipe bands that come and compete.

It usually happens in George Springate Sports Park in Pierrefonds (a suburb in the northwest part of the island of Montreal). There is a free shuttle bus from Hurley’s Irish Pub (1225 Crescent Street) to the festival site and back again. The free bus runs from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Get more details, including a schedule and a map at their website:

The Montreal Highland Games

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