Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is the Anglican cathedral in Montreal. It is a very beautiful Gothic church downtown on Sainte Catherine Street between the Eaton Centre and la Baie. It was finished in 1859, but it had some construction problems. Because the original tower was very heavy and the ground was soft, the tower started to lean over, and it had to be removed. You can see the original steeple (tower) on the ground next the the church. The tower was replaced by an aluminum one in 1940.

The land this church is on is very valuable, and in the 1980s, a company built a skyscraper behind the cathedral. The company pays a lot of rent for the land. They also built a shopping centre underground below the church, which is called Promenades Cathédrale. In the shopping centre you can see pictures of the construction.

1444 Union Street, corner of Sainte Catherine West;  Metro McGill

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