Niagara Falls

World famous Niagara Falls is truly amazing and very beautiful. It is about 90 minutes by bus from Toronto (6 or seven hours from Montreal plus waiting to change buses). The train from Toronto to Niagara Falls is about two hours (Again 6 to 8 hours from Montreal, plus changing trains).

Niagara Falls is a famous place for honeymoons. At Niagara Falls, you can take a boat in the river below the falls, you can walk through a tunnel to see behind the falls, you can even take a helicopter ride above the falls. If you can, stay to see the special light show at night.

The town of Niagara Falls has lots of things to do for tourists, including amusement parks, a casino, and an aquarium with whales.

The Niagara region is in southern Ontario where the weather is warmer than in Montreal. In the Niagara region, they grow grapes and make wines, including ice wine.

For more details to plan your trip: Niagara Falls Tourist Website

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