Fireworks Festival

Every summer, there is an international fireworks competition in Montreal. You can see fireworks with music from La Ronde (with tickets) or free from Old Montreal or from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge (Metro Papineau). The bridge usually has six lanes for cars, but is closed early in the evening, and thousands of people walk up for a great view of the fireworks and also of Montreal at night. The shows are Wednesday and Saturday nights. The show starts at 10:00, and lasts 30 minutes (till 10:30). Every week, it is a different country.

The fireworks show has music with it, which can be heard if you buy a ticket. However, you can listen for free with a radio on 105.7 FM (Rhythme FM – a French radio station).

For more information, check their website:

L’international des feux Loto-Quebec

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