» September to November

This is a beautiful time of year in Montreal. It is many people’s favourite season in Montreal. The leaves of the maples and other trees turn from green to yellow, orange, and red, and then they start to fall off the trees. It is nice to walk in the parks to see the beautiful colours. The days begin to get cooler and shorter, and the birds begin to fly south.

This is also a nice time to go to the farmer’s markets, like Jean-Talon Market or Atwater Market. The markets are very colourful, full of fresh fruit and vegetables from Quebec, and the prices are very good.

The first frost (freezing, 0° C) is usually in October. The first snow is usually in early November, but it can happen earlier or later. The first snow doesn’t last long.

Clothing: long pants, jackets, sweaters, raincoats

Holidays in Fall

Festivals and Special Events in Fall

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