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Ah, summer in Montreal. The people in Montreal have such a long winter that when summer comes, they really like to enjoy it. The city is exciting and alive. There are many festivals and events to keep us busy outside. Almost every restaurant and coffee shop has an outdoor terrace for customers to sit outside during the summer.

A great thing about living in a northern country is that in summer, the days are very long. On the summer solstice (around June 21st), the sun rises before five o’clock and there is still light at 10:00 pm.

If you think that Canada is cold all the time, come to Montreal in July and August. It is often 30° C and higher in these months. It can also be very humid. Humidity is when there is a lot of water in the air, and it feels hotter than it really is. In the summer, it can rain a lot, too. Often, there are thunderstorms with a lot of lightning. Be careful in the sun. Always use a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.

Clothing: shorts, T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, sun hats

Holidays in Summer

Festivals and Special Events in Summer

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