These days, everyone is talking about the environment. It’s not just about pollution. The big issue is climate change – the weather is changing because the world is getting warmer. It is also called global warming. The world is getting warmer because of the greenhouse effect which is caused by too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases being released into the atmosphere because we are using too much oil and coal, and the forests and oceans can’t absorb it fast enough.

Canada creates a lot of carbon dioxide, for many reasons. We are an industrialized country, with a lot of resource industries, like oil and gas. Also, we are a big country, spread out country with long distances between cities, so we use a lot of oil for transportation. Finally, we are a northern country with a cold winter climate, so we use a lot of energy to keep warm.

In Canada, people are trying to change. If everyone changed their habits, we can help reduce effects of climate change and we can all live healthier lives on a clean, healthy planet. To change, you have to remember the “4 Rs“: Rethink , Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Rethink means change the way you think about things. How much energy do you use every day? How many things to I buy that I don’t need? How can I reduce the garbage I produce?
  • Reduce means use less – less energy, less paper, less water, less everything.
  • Reuse means use again. Things we use once then throw away are wasting a lot of resources.
  • Recycle means separate our garbage into the things that can be remade into something else, and the things that can’t be.

Click on the links below to get information and ideas about helping the environment:

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Food and the Environment

City of Montreal Éco-Quartier Offices

Concordia University has a department that focuses on the environment called Sustainable Concordia. Their website has lots more information and ideas.

The WWF has another list of things you can do.

Canada’s famous environmentalist/broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki, has a website full of information about the environment: The David Suzuki Foundation

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