Montreal is home to many dance companies, both classical ballet and modern. There are many places where you can see dance performances.


The Montreal Highlights Festival happens every February, and it is a festival of gourmet food and arts, with a focus on dance and music.


Les Grandes Ballets Canadiens de Montreal is a major classical dance company. Their shows are at Place-des-Arts, and their season is from October to May. Tickets are between $35 and $100. Every December, they produce the classic Christmas ballet, the Nutcracker.

  • Metro Place-des-Arts

Usine C

Usine C is a modern dance theatre showing a variety of dance shows and styles. It is in an old factory building (usine means factory in French).

  • 1345 avenue Lalonde, Metro Beaudry

Agora de la Danse

Agora de la Dance is a modern (contemporary) dance theatre with shows of new and experimental dance.

  • 840 Cherrier,  Metro Sherbrooke
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