TV, Radio and Newspapers

» Television (TV)

Montreal has lots of media in English that you can listen to or read to help you practice English.

Television is a great way to practice English. Watch programs that you are interested in to help you improve your listening. Some students like to turn on the closed captioning (subtitles) to help them with vocabulary. This is good for some students, but remember that the words in the subtitles aren’t always the same as the words spoken. You can get a TV schedule in the Gazette newspaper everyday, and a full weekly TV guide in the Saturday Gazette.

We have three English TV stations in Montreal that you can get without having cable service.

 Cable         Website
 CBC    21 (6)   13 (6)
 CTV    12   11 (7)
 Global    15    3 (8)

There are many other English TV stations, including many American ones, that you can get on cable TV. If you want to get cable service at your home, contact Videotron. Basic cable service is about $30 a month. If you want special channels or digital service you have to pay more. Bell Canada also has TV service.

» Radio

Montreal has many English radio stations and they are another great way to practice your English listening. In Canada, there are two broadcast radio bands: AM, which is 520 to 1610 KHz, and FM, which is from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. With many stations, you can also listen on the internet, but you can buy a radio very cheap, and many cellphones and mp3 players let you listen to the radio, too.

Number       Letters     Name   Type
AM 800  CJAD  CJAD  News/Talk Radio
AM 1690  CJLO  CJLO – Concordia  Concordia’s radio station
FM 88.5  CBME  CBC Radio One  Talk/News/Music
FM 90.3  CKUT  CKUT (McGill)  Talk/Music (McGill University
FM 92.5  CFQR  The Beat 92.5  Pop Music / Light Rock
FM 93.5  CBM  CBC Radio Two  Classical Music / Music
FM 95.9  CJFM  Virgin Radio  Top 40 / Pop Music / Dance
FM 97.7  CHOM  Spirit of Rock  Classic Rock / Hard Rock

There are also many US radio stations in English that you can hear in Montreal. One that is interesting is Vermont Public Radio, WVPS FM 107.9.

If you are interested satellite radio, you can subscribe at SiriusXM

» Newspapers

The newspaper is a good place to get some extra reading and to learn about life, culture and politics in Canada. The daily English newspaper in Montreal is called the Gazette. You can buy it at corner stores [dépanneurs] or drug stores downtown in the morning for 88 cents, but they often sell out. It is bigger and more expensive on Saturday, and it includes a TV guide for the week and many pages of classified ads (things for sale, apartments for rent, jobs, etc.).  If you want to get the Gazette delivered to your home every morning, it costs about $20.00 a month. Call 514-987-2400 or check their subscription site.

There are also free weekly entertainment and alternative news newspapers in Montreal. The Mirror and Hour are free and interesting, and easy to find all over the city. They have the best coverage of music and art in the city.

There are also the Concordia University free newspapers, which are another place to do extra reading practice and find out what is happening on campus.

The Link

The Concordian

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