It is important to have access to the internet to study English. You can get free internet access in the Continuing Education computer lab in room FB 133. You can get your account after the first week of your course in the computer office (FB 109).

Internet at Home

If you want internet access at home,  it costs $30 to $80 a month depending on the speed and how much you download. You also may have to rent the special modem or router. Also, with every internet service, there are extra fees for activation or installation, or changing your account.

These companies have high speed internet service:

Free E-Mail

You can get free e-mail accounts from Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail, but you should know that Concordia computer networks (wireless or labs) don’t accept Hotmail e-mails with attachments, because of virus problems.

Wireless Zones (WiFi)

If you want to use your laptop in our buildings and get wireless internet,  you can get a Concordia wireless account that you can use in most Concordia buildings. To do this, you first need to go to and login. Once you have a netname, you can get your WiFi account for your computer or smartphone or tablet. You can’t use the Concordia wireless network for filesharing programs like BitTorrent.

If you are having problems, go to the IITS computers office in the Hall building, room H-925, and they can help you. For more information contact Concordia IITS, or call their Helpline: 514-848-2424, ext. 7613.

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