The Plateau neighbourhood [Plâteau Mont-Royal] is a special and very interesting neighbourhood in Montreal. It is the area east of Park Avenue, between Sherbrooke Street in the south, and Mont-Royal Avenue in the north. The eastern limit of the Plateau is Papineau Street.

The Plateau is special because it is home to many artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers. It is the “cool” neighbourhood in Montreal. There are many restaurants and bars, art galleries, theatres and the most interesting shops in the city. There are many beautiful old houses with typical Montreal architecture. Most people in the Plateau speak French, but many speak English, too. Lafontaine Park is a beautiful big park in the Plateau.

There are some special and famous streets in the Plateau:

  • Saint Laurent Boulevard is also called “The Main”
  • Prince Arthur Street is a pedestrian street (walking only) with many restaurants
  • Duluth Street is a small street with interesting shops and restaurants
  • Saint Denis Street is a famous shopping street
  • Mont-Royal Avenue is a street with everything

Metro Sherbrooke and  Mont-Royal (orange)

» Other Neighbourhoods Next to the Plateau

Just north of the Plateau neighbourhood is the Mile End neighbourhood, which is similar to the Plateau. This is one of the most multi-cultural areas of the city. Many immigrants came to this area in the 20th century. Park Avenue is the main shopping street. Mile End is known for its two famous bagel bakeries: Fairmount Bagel (74 Fairmount West, near the corner of Saint Urbain) and St. Viateur Bagel (263 St. Viateur West, near the corner of Jeanne-Mance). These two bakeries are very old, and many Montrealers have a favourite bagel: either Fairmount or St. Viateur. Try both, and choose your favourite!

Metro Laurier and  Rosemont; Bus 80 and 55.

To the west of the Plateau, just east of McGill University, there is a small neighbourhood called the McGill Ghetto. It is between Pine Avenue in the north, Sherbrooke Street in the south, Park Avenue in the east, and University in the west. Many students live in this area.

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