Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most businesses in Montreal, but some small businesses do not accept credit cards, because it is expensive for them. Usually there is a sign on the door or at the cashier that tells you which cards the business accepts. Other credit cards, such as American Express or Discover, are accepted at some places, but other credit cards such as JCB are rarely accepted except in some large hotels or tourist places.

Many department stores and gas stations have their own credit cards, too, and often there is someone working in the store who is trying to get more customers to get a store credit card.

You can use your credit card to get cash from some bank machines, but you should do this only in emergencies, because you pay a lot of interest for cash advances.

Be careful with your credit card. Don’t use it to buy everything, and be careful when you give your number on the phone or the internet.

If your credit card is lost or stolen, call the credit card company or the bank you got the card from immediately. If you don’t know the telephone number, dial “0” for the operator and ask to be connected to the company. Here are the websites and emergency phone numbers for some credit cards:

 Card  Who To Call If You Lose Your Card
 Visa  the bank you got the card from (below)
 MasterCard  the bank you got the card from (below)
 American Express  1-800-869-3016 (free call)
 Discover  1-800-347-2683 (free call)
 JCB  1-800-366-4522 (free call)

» MasterCard Banks

These 1-800-number calls are free.

ATB Financial                      1-800-661-2266
BMO Bank of Montreal      1-800-361-3361
Canadian Tire Bank            1-800-459-6415
Capital One Canada            1-800-481-3239
Citibank Canada                  1-800-305-7259
GE Money Canada              1-800-243-2222
HSBC Bank Canada             1-866-406-4722
MBNA Canada                     1-800-379-2744
National Bank of Canada     1-888-622-2783
President’s Choice Bank      1-866-246-7262
Sears Canada                        1-800-288-9965

If your card isn’t from these banks call this number:  1-800-622-7747

» Visa Banks

These 1-800-number calls are free.

CIBC                                   1-800-465-4653
Desjardins                          1-800-363-3380
Laurentian Bank               1-800-252-1846
RBC Royal Bank                1-800-769-2512
Scotiabank                         1-800-387-6556
TD Canada Trust               1-800-983-8472
VanCity Credit Union       1-888-990-9691

If your card isn’t from these banks call this number: 1-800-847-2911

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