When you study in a foreign country, far from home, it is important to stay healthy. If you are sick, you can’t study English well. Here is some information and ideas to help you stay healthy.

For Medical Emergencies, call 911.
This number is for ambulance, fire, police, poison, or any other emergency.

For non-emergency, 24-hour health information and referral, call Info-Santé at 8-1-1. Info-Santé has a nurse or doctor on duty every day and every night that you can talk to and ask questions. The nurse can tell you what to do if you are sick. They speak English and French.

Clinics and hospitals

Drug Stores (Pharmacies)

International Student Health and Drug Insurance

Dentists and Eye Doctors

Staying Healthy

Alcohol and DrugsFood and NutritionExercise

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