Canada’s largest city is between four and six hours west of Montreal by train; five or six hours by car and seven or eight hours bus. There are seven or eight buses to Toronto every day. Flying to Pearson International Airport or the downtown City Airport takes about one hour. It is a big, exciting multicultural city with lots to see and do. It is next to Lake Ontario, one of the five huge Great Lakes between Canada and the USA.  It is also near Niagara Falls, you can include Niagara Falls in a weekend trip to Toronto. Toronto is usually warmer in summer and winter than Montreal.

The CN Tower was the world’s tallest free-standing structure from 1976 to 2007. It is 553 metres tall. You can take a fast elevator up to an observation deck at 342 metres. There is a glass floor you can walk on and look down. On a clear day you can see over 100 kilometres away.

Toronto also has many interesting art galleries and museums. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has an excellent collection of Canadian and international art. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has ancient things from many cultures such as Egypt and China and also natural history displays of dinosaurs and interesting rocks.

There is also lots of shopping. Downtown Toronto has the Eaton Centre, the World’s Biggest Bookstore, which has 27 kilometres of book shelves, and Honest Ed’s – a very large and strange discount department store.

Toronto is also the most important city in Canada for English theatre, movies and television. You can see live shows in many theatres. Check this website to find out about shows that are playing now.

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is a big fair held every August in Toronto. In September, there is the Toronto International Film Festival – the most important film festival in Canada.

Queen’s Park is the name of the Parliament Buildings of Government of Ontario. You can go on a free tour.

If you are interested in watching professional sports, Toronto has a baseball team: the Blue Jays. For NBA basketball, there are the Raptors. For NHL Hockey, there are the Maple Leafs. For Major League Soccer, there is the Toronto FC.

To plan your trip to Toronto: Toronto Tourist Website

Also see Niagara Falls

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