Ice Skating in the Old Port and on Mount Royal

Do you like ice skating? From December until March you can skate outdoors at many public rinks and in the Old Port (Metro Champs-de-Mars) Across from Bonsecours Market, there is a large outdoor skating rink. Admission is $4, and renting skates is $7, plus a deposit of $50 (which you get back when you return the skates – you can also leave a credit card). The skate rental is in the building in the center of the skating area, near the river.

It is a beautiful place to skate on a sunny winter’s day. Take some friends and get out and have some fun!  Dress warmly, and bring a lock so you can lock your shoes in a locker. If you don’t have a lock, you can rent one, too. After, warm up with a special hot cherry beer at the Winter Bar, on the island in the middle of the skating rink.

For more information, check the the official Old Port website.

Another nice place to go skating is at Beaver Lake in Mount Royal Park. In the building, you can rent skates. To get to Beaver Lake, take Bus 11 west up the mountain Metro Mont-Royal, or Bus 165 up Guy/Côte-des-Neiges from Metro Guy-Concordia and walk up the stairs to the lake.

Many neighbourhood parks have small outdoor skating areas, but you can’t rent skates, you need to bring your own.

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