Olympic Stadium

The Summer Olympic Games were in Montreal in 1976. The Olympic Stadium was designed by French architect Roger Taillibert. It has the tallest inclined (on an angle) tower in the world (175 metres). There is a special elevator on the back of the tower. You can ride to the top of the tower and get a great view of Montreal. The Olympic swimming pool is under the tower. The stadium has seats for 65,000 people.

After the Olympics, the stadium was used for football and baseball. The Montreal Alouettes Canadian football team played there, but they moved to Molson Stadium at McGill University. The Montreal Expos played at Olympic Stadium too, but the the team moved to Washington D.C. in 2005. Now, no professional teams use the stadium, except for special, big games, like the Grey Cup. It was used for the FIFA U-20 soccer tournament in 2007.

The stadium is an interesting building, but it had many problems in construction. It wasn’t finished in time for the Olympics, in fact, the tower wasn’t finished until 1987. It was supposed to have a retractable roof, which means the roof can be opened and closed. Unfortunately the roof didn’t work well, and it ripped in the wind. The roof now is permanent, it can’t be opened. Once, in 1999, part of the roof broke because there was too much snow on it.

The stadium was also very expensive. It was supposed to cost $134 million dollars, but when it was finally paid for in 2006, it cost over $1 billion!

  • To take the funicular elevator up the tower, it costs $12 for students.
  • A tour of the stadium and Olympic park costs $6.75 for students.
  • To swim in the Olympic Pool it costs $6 for students.  Check the schedule here.

4545 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue, metro Pie-IX or Viau

Olympic Stadium Website

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