A1 Links – Part 1

Here are links for websites related to Part 1 Advanced 1 (Level 7) units. These links were updated in January 2012.

Running Red Lights



  • Factsheet about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Modest Needs is the website where donors can directly help people in need.
  • Kiva is an organization where donors finance microcredit loans in developing countries.

Time Management

Eating Habits


  • Laughlab is the project that discovered the world’s funniest joke.

Business: Where People Want To Work

  • Statistics Canada has up-to-date Canadian employment statistics. Look for the link about the unemployment rate to get the latest.
  • Indicators of Well-Being in Canada has interesting summaries of various social conditions in Canada. These summaries are made by Human Resources and Social Development Canada, a federal government department. Click on “WORK” to get interesting information about current labour conditions.

The Engineer

Organ Donation

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