Daylight Saving Time

» Spring Forward and Fall Back

Montreal is in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC – 5), the same as Toronto, and the eastern United States. However, so we can enjoy the long days in summer after work or school and use less electricity for lights, most of Canada and the US use a system of Daylight Saving time. Every year in the spring, we set our clocks ahead by one hour, and we put them back one hour in the fall. It will be announced on TV and in the newspapers when to change your clocks.

The date is the second Sunday in March to go ahead and the first Sunday in November to go back. The change happens at 2:00 AM, so you should change your clocks before you go to bed on Saturday night.

Don’t forget that after you change your clock, the time is now an hour different in your country, if your country didn’t change.

» Canadian Time Zones

Canada is so big, we have seven time zones! When it is twelve o’clock in Montreal, it is nine o’clock in Vancouver. If you click on the map below, you can see all the time zones across the country.

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